Relaxation for people who appreciate the finer things in life: switch off in the Aurum Spa.

A wellness getaway is all about decompressing. Take time out in the steam room or sauna, or treat yourself to a massage. Our tranquil wellness area is food for the soul. And with its crystal-clear mountain water, it taps directly into the power of nature. The Aurum Spa actually takes its name from Lech’s mountain water – referred to here as the gold of the Alps. Aurum, gold and a spa experience in perfect harmony in the wellness area.

Tempus fugit in the tepidarium

In the tepidarium, our relaxation space, time loses all meaning. Set your mind adrift as you get away from it all on the floating loungers and soft pack loungers. Feel everyday life melt into the background surrounded by a natural ambience shaped by pure Lech mountain water and the local spruce wood. A wonderful place to replenish depleted energy reserves.

90°C sauna

With the scent of apple, mint, lime or mountain blossom permeating the air, the sauna stimulates your immune system while the heat helps gently release deep-lying muscle tension. The perfect conclusion to an action-packed day out in the fresh air. In the Finnish sauna, the temperature is set to around 90 degrees Celsius (194°F).

Take a deep breath in the steam room

Steam rooms offer benefits that go beyond respiratory health. The warming vapours also open the pores of the skin, help to stimulate the blood flow and support the circulatory system. The body is flooded with oxygen causing the muscles to relax. Combined with a salt scrub, a session in the 50 degree (122°F) steam room has an especially relaxing and cleansing effect.

Invigorating infrared

Deep heat permeates the skin below the hair roots, kick-starting the body’s natural circulatory system. This in turn can help boost the immune system. Unlike in a sauna, the air itself is not heated, which is what makes infrared heat so gentle and pleasant. How long you want to enjoy the warmth for is entirely down to you.

Relax with a massage

Treat yourself from head to toe

Relax with a cup of tea